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We offer an incredible selection of British imported foods, sweets, chocolates, and pop… along with everything you’d expect from your local convenience shop.

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Sooke Sweet & Pop Shoppe came about in the summer of 2011. Richard found a superb location on the corner of Highway 14 and Sooke River Road (which leads to the Sooke Potholes Provincial Park). He knew it was the very place he could fulfill his dream of owning the best sweet and pop shop in the area. It was with his wife Heather and brother Mark that the wheels were set in motion all those years ago.

Richard’s long career in the Navy took him to all corners of the world. Through his extensive travel, he has seen and come to appreciate a great variety of sweets and candy. Heather is a successful entrepreneur and also shares Richard’s passion for delicious chocolates and sweets.

Richard and Heather are proud to now run one of the best sweet and pop shops on Vancouver Island. Sooke Sweet & Pop Shoppe is known not just for their wide selection but also the warm welcome given to all who visit.


In 1893, an entrepreneur by the name of Edward Milne Jr established a general merchandise business near the banks of the Sooke River. With just a dirt road connecting Sooke and Victoria, he found it easier to ship goods in by vessel along the Juan de Fuca strait. Milne’s Landing was at one time known for its resident flock of peacocks who put on an extravagant show of colour and sound.

The Original Milne’s Landing Store

The original Milne’s Landing store stood on the northwest corner of Sooke Road and Sooke River Road. After World War II, an army building was moved to the northeast corner of the intersection where it served as a store and fast food joint until it was destroyed by a fire on July 9, 1999.

Motorcyclists outside Milne's Landing Store circa 1930s
Outside the Milne’s Landing Store circa 1930s. Photo courtesy of the Sooke Region Museum Archives.


We are located at the corner of Sooke Road and Sooke River Road in the historic Milne’s Landing area.

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